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EHF Programs

Empowering Healthy Families is comprised of two programs. Each church will get both programs, in random order, with one program offered each year over two years. 

Healthy Children, Healthy Families (HCHF) includes:

A 9-week program that supports families in making changes leading to healthier eating and activity patterns, one step at a time. Through dialogue and collaborative action, we help families create healthier environments where children live, learn, and play. To learn more about HCHF, please visit Healthy Children Healthy Families from Cornell University.

Capacity & Readiness Church Health Assessment (CRCHA)*

Studies show that a church’s environment can shape culture practices, traditions, group norms, and individual health behaviors of the congregation. CRCHA is an interactive assessment tool that asks questions about your congregation’s

  1. Health & Wellness Resources
  2. Calendar & Availability
  3. Health & Wellness Activities
  4. Congregational Health

After completing CRCHA, churches receive technical assistance to develop a project to address an area of interest to improve the nutrition and physical activity environment to support healthy choices for the whole congregation. Churches will receive funds to help make changes in the health environment. 

*CRCHA is a complementary program with HCHF only*

Money Smart includes:

An 8-week program that promotes financial understanding in children to make smart decisions about money and supports adults to use financially responsible strategies and skills to create positive relationships with money. To learn more about Money Smart, please visit the Money Smart website


Adults and children sitting at a table learning about healthy food
Three kids play with toys from Organ Wise Guys

Children learn about the importance of nutrition and making healthy snack choices.