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An AHD advisory committee with executive leadership from both organizations meets quarterly to monitor and refine shared activities. A full-time shared AHD coordinator manages the day-to-day operations. The coordinator position is a permanent staff position, which is held by the University, and is funded in part by the health department. The coordinator maintains an office at both locations and invests her time between the two. Having a person on the ground at both sites has been vital to assuring a) a central point of contact; b) implementation of initiatives; and c) clear and consistent communication between the two organizations.

Sophie Wenzel, Assistant Director, CPHPR

Photo of Dr. Sophie Wenzel
Sophie Wenzel, DrPH, MPH
Academic Health Department Coordinator
Associate Director, CPHPR

Sophie also serves as a mentor through The Council on Linkages Between Academic and Public Health Practice Academic Health Department Mentor program.

Kathy Hosig, Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences Dept & Director, Center for Public Health Practice and Research

Photo of Dr. Kathy Hosig
Kathy Hosig, RD, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences
Director, CPHPR

Noelle Bissell
Noelle Bissell, MD
New River Health District Director

Hannah Menefee, Public Health Program Coordinator, Population Health Sciences Dept.

Photo of Hannah Menefee
Hannah Menefee, MPH
PHPE/Practicum Coordinator, Virginia Tech

Advisory Board

Laura Hungerford
Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences, Virginia Tech
Department Head, Department of Population Health Sciences, Virginia Tech
Gary Coggins
Environmental Health Manager Senior, New River Health District
Tiffany Norman
Business Manager, New River Health District