The Center for Public Health Practice and Research (CPHPR) at Virginia Tech was officially established on July 1, 2011. The Center is housed in the Department of Population Health Sciences, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, and supported by the Institute for Society, Culture and Environment. Additional support is provided through collaborative projects to which Center staff time and resources are devoted.

Center for Public Health Practice and Research activities include:

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination (connecting university and community partners)
  • Grant writing and management
  • Professional development and continuing education
  • Technical assistance related to program development and evaluation
  • Technical assistance related to research design and analysis
  • Technical assistance related to general public health functions and activities
  • Opportunities for students to participate in research and practice
  • Convening the Virginia Tech Public Health Network

The mission of the Center for Public Health Practice and Research is to foster interdisciplinary, collaborative public health practice and research activities at Virginia Tech and among external public health agencies, organizations, practitioners and researchers. The Center's mission is consistent with the growing focus on health sciences at Virginia Tech. The overarching goal for Center activities is to enhance public health practice and research, particularly in Southwest and Southside Virginia, Central Appalachia and across the region.

  • Identify, develop, evaluate and disseminate evidence-based practice models in public health across Virginia, the region, and beyond.
  • Promote interdisciplinary practice and research opportunities for students, faculty and practitioners in public health and other disciplines
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among community partners and Virginia Tech students and faculty by serving as a portal/clearinghouse for collaborative public health practice and research opportunities with external partners
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with state and local health departments, community-based organizations, government and other public and private institutions to improve local public health and contribute to workforce development.

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Sophie Wenzel, DrPH, MPH
Associate Director, CPHPR
(540) 231-8173
Population Health Sciences
Room 339
205 Duck Pond Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061