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Eligibility for EHF

Please review our eligibility guidelines below to see if the EHF program is a good fit for your church.

Studies show that places of worship are optimal partners to address health and wellness issues throughout the community. Benefits such as meeting spaces, strong social connections, and culture can improve individual and community habit changes. The success of our programs rely on strong partnerships with churches that meet the following criteria:

Church Eligibility

EHF Church Project Staff needed

  • Church Coordinator
  • Child Educator (for ages 6-8)  
  • Child Educator (for ages 9-11)
  • Childcare Provider (for ages less than 6)

More information is provided on our Resources page under "Church Team Job Descriptions". Church project staff will receive a small stipend for their time.

Church Meeting Space

  • Access to Fellowship Hall or smaller classrooms to host program
  • Access to kitchen or space in fellowship hall or classrooms to set-up portable food tasting stations
  • Church Building Manager to work with Church Coordinator to grant access to the church for program set-up with the church team

Participant Eligibility

At least 10 families needed 

  • At least one parent or caregiver and all children ages 6 to 11 can participate. (A caregiver is described as a person that regularly helps with and/or provides basic needs for the child/children most of the time)
  • A childcare provider will be available for children younger than 6; older children can participate and assist with the children’s program. 

A 4H program may also be available for children over 11

  • Identify current teen involvement.
  • Explore possible teen interest.
  • Explore church interest in hosting a club.

To learn more about the program, visit our Resources page and check out our "Congregation Orientation Webinar".