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About PHOPs

PHOPs has been working hard within the community to develop partners to help meet the 5-year project goals. The following highlights the various parts of the work PHOPs is managing within the City of Petersburg:

  • Farm to School initiatives with the Petersburg Public School System (ex. school markets, health food and nutrition education, and food tasting activities)
  • Food Service Guidelines to faith-based organizations, workplaces, and early childhood care centers
  • Shop Smart Eat Smart Healthy Food Retail Program will be shared with at least 3 convenience stores within the city of Petersburg
  • Food Access throughout the city — focusing primarily on extending the reach of farmers markets through an implementation of mobile markets in neighborhoods and at frequented city destinations
  • Improvement of the walkability/bike-ability of the city’s streets and sidewalks — including a collaboration with the Bike Walk Petersburg Group and the City of Petersburg’s Planning and Community Development Department
  • Promoting and supporting additions and improvements of trails to and within the city — primarily the Appomattox River Trail (FOLAR) and the Ashland to Petersburg Trail (VDOT)

This work can’t be accomplished without the amazing support of the City of Petersburg and the growing list of engaged stakeholders.  Please see our Contact Us page if you are interested in learning more and/or want to be involved.